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As of 2008, deforestation accounted for about 12% of all human carbon dioxide emissions.

We as Towards Green Environment have made it our goal to plant as plant as many trees as possible as an alternative to curb these effects. We started with Kibra constituency as we aim to do more in other parts of the country and the globe at large.

You can support us with this project by donating some trees, through monthly donations or even sharing our work through social media.

You can support Towards Green Environment by:

Help us grow a greener future!

Donating trees directly

Setting up monthly donations

Sharing their work on social media to raise awareness



The village of Osodo in Homabay county, Kenya has been ravaged by floods for the past five years, with the last two being the most devastating. Homes have been destroyed, leaving many homeless and hungry, especially women and children.

Towards Green Environment, a local organization, is determined to fight these problems. They’ve spent two years researching the situation, developing programs, and advocating for support. They’ve had limited success securing funding, but haven’t given up.

They believe compassionate people like you can help. Their goal is to eradicate hunger, provide shelter for the homeless, and even establish a temporary school to get children back to learning.

Here's how you can contribute:

Donate food: Small donations will provide immediate meals, while larger ones can support a longer-term solution.

Help rebuild homes: Donations can go towards temporary housing to get families back on their feet.

Support education: Funding can help establish a temporary school so children's education isn't interrupted


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Equity Bank

Account Name: Towards Green Environment. Account Number: 1170183666261 Branch: Kibera Swift Code: EQBLKENA

Abundant Earth Foundation

Abundant Earth Foundation

Our Impact

At Towards Green Environment, we are committed to making a positive impact in the community through our various programs and initiatives. Our mission is to promote environmental conservation while improving the livelihoods of the people we serve.

Through our efforts, we have planted over 20,000 trees in Kibra constituency, distributed over 1,000 clean cookstoves to households in Homabay county, provided clean water to over 5,000 people in rural areas through our borehole drilling projects, and trained over 500 women and youth in sustainable agriculture.

Join us in our mission towards a green environment by supporting our cause today. Together, we can make a difference in the world.