Transforming the Society through Environmental protection

Our story

Discover how our founder, Jack Mazingira, ignited a movement of young changemakers committed to protecting our planet and empowering our community.

Towards Green Environment CBO is a youth-led non-profit organization in Kibera, Nairobi County, focused on environmental conservation through training, empowerment, and awareness. Founded in 2019 by climate advocate and educator Jack Mazingira, the organization mobilizes youth to protect the environment. Jack leads training sessions, educational campaigns, and action days to raise awareness about reforestation, ecological repair, and pollution impacts. He emphasizes the importance of small, collective actions in the fight against climate change, stating, “Start small and grow as you go. Anything you do makes a difference.”

Our Mission

To create a transformative society working towards sustainability in conservation efforts, innovation, empowerment and building capacities through harnessing the youth’s capability, goodwill and trans-boundary networks.

Our Vision

To lead an exemplary conservational and societal transformative model for the common good of the present and future generations  with ecosystem rights anchored at the core of fundamentals of life

Trees Planted
Families Impacted

Focus Themes

At Towards Green Environment, we engage individuals and communities to join in conserving our environment. Our programs encourage action to protect our planet’s resources, fostering a sustainable future for everyone.

Climate Change Training

Training and advocating for action against climate change.

Environmental Conservation

Promoting environmental conservation and establishing green spaces through tree growing initiatives.

Empowerment Programs

Empowerment programs through training on sustainable waste management initiatives.

Innovations and Competitions

Organizing innovation fairs and competitions around environmental conservations and climate change

Environmental Awareness

Promotion and awareness creation on environmental policy frameworks in the community.

Empower Change: Plant Trees, Transform Lives

Our community of donors is the backbone of our impact. Discover how you can support our mission towards a greener environment and join our movement for people and the planet today.

Towards Green Environment

Meet Our Team

Executive Team

Towards green environment team comprises of the executive team and over 20 registered volunteers who together are working towards realizing environmental sustainability.


Jack Mazingira

Founder and Executive Director


Janet Ochar

Head of campaigns & communication


Brian Omenyi

Co-ordinator and program manager.